DO Meter S9 field kit Mettler toledo

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DO Meter S9 field kit Mettler toledo


DO Meter S9 field kit Mettler toledo

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DO Meter S9 field kit Mettler toledo

         dissolved oxygen meter  S9-field
         meas. Range :  0.00 ppm to 50 ppm / 0.0-500% Sat(DO)
         temp. range :  0 to 50°C  
         pressure compensate :  500 to 1100 mbar  
         IP protection  67 
         Electrode :  Inlab potiOx IP67 
         cable length 1.8 m.
         product of Mettler toledo group

  • imple menu with intuitive operation - Seven2Go’s new intuitive menu guarantees out-of-the-box operation for anyone. Users no longer need to study lengthy operating instructions.

  • T-Pad - Comfortable, Fast Navigation - Seven2Go’s new T-Pad improves the speed with which you move through menus. The smart button arrangement allows for faster navigation that provides you shorter time to actual measurement.

  • ISM Ready - Reduced Chances for Error - Upon connection of any InLab ISM (Intelligent Sensor Management) sensor, the instrument automatically recognizes the sensor and stores sensor ID, serial number, and last calibration data.

  • Status light indicates when instrument is ready to measure

  • Daylight readable LCD display

  • 2000 GLP compliant memory records

  • Calibration reminder

  • Acoustic end-of-measurement signal

  • PIN protection

  • Micro USB interface

  • Time and Date

  • 1 year warranty

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